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Interested in learning more about health and wellness? Join James Goydos, M.D. on Medium . Here, you'll find regular posts about skin cancer, tips on skincare and cancer prevention, medical tech, and more.  Dr. Goydos is a regular contributor to several publications, including Being Well , Apeiron , Illumination , and VocEs for Spanish readers. For those whose interests are more of the creative variety, follow James Goydos on WotWU , where you'll find posts related to woodworking.  If videos are more your speed, be sure to follow James Goydos on YouTube and Vimeo . Dr. Goydos' videos provide valuable tips on caring for your skin year-round, including how to spot potential signs of visible melanoma: Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer affecting humans and is one of the most preventable types of cancer through education and public awareness. Learning how to protect the skin , conduct regular skin checks, and how to recognize signs of visible skin cancer can be a g

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